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Transition Coaching


Outlining your career path can lead to powerful questions about yourself, your passion, and your life’s work. Together, we can examine how the answers to
those questions can lead to a clear vision of your current situation and guide the potential job search that lies ahead. Through deep discussions, we will define actionable steps around marketing yourself and confidently networking with companies that you identify as a strong cultural fit.


Are you debating between a salaried role versus going independent?

Through a structured process, you will be prepared to objectively weigh the benefits and risks of working in an organization versus becoming an entrepreneur so you confidently make the right choice.

Have you formulated a plan for a graceful exit?

It is essential to leave your employer with a healthy impression of you. You will learn the steps necessary to ensure you maintain a positive reputation.

Are you satisfied with your résumé and LinkedIn profile?

It may be time to polish up your résumé and LinkedIn profile. Learning how to best use these marketing tools and your network will ensure that you get your name in front of the right people.

How We Help

Our first step in working together will be to understand your current situation through one-on-one meetings. Then we begin the self-awareness development process with an assessment. If you are ready for a transition, we will work together to organize a search plan and identify potential opportunities within other companies. From there, we will work to strengthen your interview skills; so that you can effectively market your experience and expertise. Each step of this process will be measured and reviewed along the way to ensure that the transition process will be seamless.

Job Search
With proper planning, you will greatly increase the chances of landing your ideal role. Our work will include the development of an action plan that tracks your progress and measures results. We will review your résumé and determine how to best highlight your achievements and abilities. Strengthening your LinkedIn profile to enhance your on-line presence together with developing a strategic networking plan will boost your confidence and help you discover opportunities that may be otherwise unknown to you.

“Cathy was a really great help at a pivotal time in my career. She was able to help me confirm my readiness to move to the next level in my company and the value in exploring all my options while also giving me insights on areas that I could improve. I never thought executive coaching would be for me, but I found it to be extremely valuable, especially with her as my coach.”


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