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Business leaders are confronted with a diverse range of professional challenges at every level from mid-manager to senior executive. Our experienced coaching brings an outside perspective which helps you confidently align your goals inside your organization.

Focus Areas

Executive Coaching

Expand your strategic leadership skills and learn how to successfully implement them. Identify areas of key exposure in your organization from human capital management to legal compliance. Develop best practices and tools to communicate effectively with the executive team and empower your team members.

Leadership Development

Understand your role within the organization and how it affects your career path. Spearhead the development of your company culture through employee engagement, teamwork and a deep commitment to strategy. Develop action plans establishing clear expectations for team members along with effective support and feedback.

Career Development
Examine the big picture and establish both professional and personal goals for your career path. Market yourself and develop a strong network of supporters both inside and outside of your company. Learn the questions to ask to help identify rewarding new opportunities that promote work-life balance.

Transition Coaching
Properly examine your current situation and develop a plan to maximize your network. Prepare yourself with strategies to identify opportunities that ensure a strong cultural fit. Create a system from which you can measure and assess your progress and hold yourself accountable to your desired results.

Partnership Coaching
Uncover the relationship dynamics between you and your business partner. Recognize your individual strengths and blind spots as well as that of your partner. Acknowledge communication breakdowns that may create barriers to progress. Establish a partnership action plan to ensure the future success of your business.


Business Start-up
Develop a business plan to address your target market, identify the competitive landscape and outline your company’s growth strategy. Recognize your core competencies and identify your skill gaps. Learn how to identify and find resources and talent to shore up your weaknesses.

Assessment tools are valuable in determining both where you are and where you want to go. Uncovering your strengths, blind spots, motivations, and values will help you better understand how stress affects you – and eventually – your decision making. Acknowledge how and why the professional and personal people in your life may approach decisions differently.

“I was very hesitant to start the executive coaching process for a number of different reasons. Most due to trust issues and my lack of vulnerability about the coaching process. Cathy brought me back to a place — personally and professionally — that I thought I had lost forever.”


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