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Career Development


It can be incredibly challenging to determine how to move your career from point A to point B. Through an in-depth process of self-discovery, you will develop insights around the issues that many others have faced. Identifying the barriers that stand in your way and outlining the action steps to achieve what you’re looking for will ensure your path to success.


What’s next in your career?

Taking a step back from your daily to-do list long enough to determine the next step in your career can be an overwhelming task. Learn how to gain a broad perspective to see the forest through the trees and find the path in front of you.

How do you connect your career and your passion?

The divide between your work and passion may not be as wide as you suspect. Oftentimes, you can weave them together so they both become a guiding force behind your professional and personal goals.

Do you
dream about
a different career?

There are inflection points within your professional life that will drive you down different paths. An in-depth understanding of where you are in your career and life as well as what you are passionate about will help you identify the right time to change direction.

How We Help

Through a shared discovery process, you will receive clarity around your role within the greater context of the organization and your career path. This process will uncover your personal and professional goals for what comes next and help you develop an action plan for achievement. Gaining control over your own life script — along with the resulting self-awareness — will provide the confidence you need to achieve your professional dream. In addition, learning how to market yourself will be incredibly useful as you position yourself for more strategic roles. As a result, you will learn to embrace the idea of a growth mindset and take control of your career development.

“Cathy is an exceptional business consultant who provides unique, thoughtful coaching focused on positive solutions and building skill sets to last a career. Her professional and warm demeanor fosters honesty and holds you accountable to the goals you’ve set forth.”


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