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Executive Coaching


The business challenges facing both you and your organization are evolving at an incredible pace. One-on-one executive coaching can provide you with the tools to adapt to this changing environment. Through close, personal collaboration, you will unlock your potential and influence the strategic direction and culture of your organization.


How do you develop a path to the SVP / President / CEO level?

Each organization is different and how you fit within it is unique. Creating a customized path to the top can help you identify and take the next step on your journey.

Do you need confidence as an organizational leader?

In the constantly evolving workplace, it can be challenging to outline and communicate the vision, strategies, and goals for your team; not to mention the issues that arise during execution. You will receive resources and tools to help you navigate this process with strength and confidence.

Are you promoting a culture of inclusion and empowerment?

Your success will largely be defined by how you support and encourage the people around you. You will learn how to create and promote an appropriate set of core values and influence the organizational culture.

The Solution

To drive a positive culture of change, the solution begins with understanding how to leverage your capabilities within the organization. You will identify effective communication strategies to promote your ideas through best practices, data analysis, trend identification, and transparency that will empower team members at every level. In addition, you will learn to be strategic with your time to achieve the greatest impact.

“Cathy’s insights and measured approach in counseling executives is rarely found. She provides a compelling diagnostic, prescriptive recommendations and next steps that are actionable and readily adopted.”


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