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Facilitated retreats, forums, and team meetings can unite groups around core principles and a shared sense of purpose. As workforces continue to diversify and bring different perspectives, facilitation enables collaborative practices that increase communication, reduce conflict, and speed up the decision-making process. Your results will include creative and innovative outcomes in addition to a stronger organizational culture.


Is your organization planning a retreat?

Retreats leave the day-to-day business behind while building a more highly-connected team. The right facilitator will help co-workers learn insights about each other as they work toward a cooperative, strategic goal.

Does your nonprofit board need a facilitator?

Board members bring a wide variety of experiences to the table, and it can prove challenging to navigate the myriad personalities. With an organized agenda and a facilitator, discussions become more efficient and effective by aligning the board members’ vision and strategies for the organization.

Does your team need additional education on a particular topic?

An outside facilitator will benefit your team when additional information is needed on a defined topic. Your staff will become more current on leading trends, opportunities and threats resulting in improved engagement and outcomes.

“Cathy is a superb facilitator, leader and communicator. She brings business leaders together and encourages them to share best practices in an honest, confidential setting. She is a tremendous business partner and someone I endorse without reservation.”


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