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A list of coaching and consulting resources has been compiled for your use. These articles and tools will supplement our work together and offer reference points for you on your journey. You are encouraged to access and refer to the links below that are most relevant to your individual needs.



Executive Coaching
Leadership Through Uncertainty
How Cisco Gets Brutally Honest Feedback to Top Leaders
5 Effective Training Tips to Improve your Negotiation Skills
Leadership in context: Organizational health matters more than you might expect.


Leadership Development
Discovering Your Authentic Leadership
7 Simple Ways to Lead by Example
Executive Presence: Why Rising Stars Fall Short
Managing Yourself: Bringing Out the Best in Your People
Leading Through Coaching: Tips for Fostering Success


Career Development
Why You Should Make Time for Self-Reflection (Even If You Hate Doing It)
It’s Not Just Businesses That Need Change Management -- You Do Too
Hit the Reset Button in Your Brain
Leadership Presence: 7 Tips to Be a Great Networker
Organization Culture and Career Fit


Transition Coaching
Graceful Exit
6 Ways To Crack The ‘Hidden’ Job Market
Weak Ties versus Strong Ties in your Job Search
Job Interview Answers Guide Reveals Word-For-Word Exactly What You Need To Say To Get Hired
5 BRIEF interview insights to hire right
Five Things To Tell Your Recruiter – Before Things Get Awkward


Business Startup

Business Goals vs. Objectives vs. Strategies vs. Tactics

Data Storytelling: Big Data’s Next Frontier
Get a Dysfunctional Team Back on Track
This is Your Brain on Organizational Change

COO Forum
Make Operations Your Secret Weapon - Here’s How
Finding the Right Second-in-Command Is the Biggest Decision An Entrepreneur Will Make
The Chief Operating Officer That Every State Needs



Chronicle of Philanthropy
The leading publication about trends and current events impacting philanthropy.
The Nonprofit Times
The premier publication for nonprofit management


Tips For Nonprofits: How To Promote Professional Growth Among Your Team Members
Top 15 Non-profit Board Governance Mistakes
9 Ways Board Members Can Raise Money Without Fundraising

Supporting Organizations

National Council of Nonprofits

A trade association for charitable nonprofits through a network of state associations.
Independent Sector
The leading coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporate giving programs.
Stand for Your Mission
Founded to create positive change through board advocacy
Association of Fundraising Professionals
The standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising.

Additional Resources

Charity Navigator