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CDL Business Consulting uses a range of industry assessment tools. Each of these serves as a launching point in identifying your strengths as well as where those strengths may be overused. In addition, you will clarify your challenges by understanding and identifying what changes in your behavior when you are under stress. Through a comprehensive feedback process, you will gain insight about the competencies you bring to the table and how to best leverage your strengths while finding new ways to manage the areas you wish to improve. Principal Cathy Lieberman is certified to administer and interpret the Hogan and the CQ Assessment tools.

Hogan Assessments
Hogan has provided a personality assessment tools tailored to business challenges for over 25 years. The tools, including assessment analysis and feedback from your coach, help you augment your strengths, work through your weaknesses, and understand how different personalities shape an organization.
Key assessment tools include:
•    Hogan Leadership Series
•    Hogan 360° Assessment

•    Hogan High Potential Talent

CQ Assessment
Change Catalysts developed a unique approach to changing the way you think about yourself and your organization. The Change Quotient (CQ) assessment tool was developed based on decades of research into leadership, psychology, and neuroscience and serves as a remarkable tool for both emerging and established leaders who want to assess readiness for change.

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