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Partnership Coaching


As a business partner, you will gain remarkable benefits from experienced, specialized coaching. Together, we will identify the professional and interpersonal dynamics between you and your partner and within your stakeholder groups. Ground rules will be established to ensure a positive approach to even the toughest business questions. A deep understanding of individual strengths, tactics, and tools will encourage a coordinated response to outside challenges. We will also develop a partnership development plan that will result in a stronger decision-making process going forward.


Are you and your partner feeling stuck or are you moving forward?

Divergent philosophies often arise between partners as they confront new challenges. Working through communication issues can alleviate stress and focus attention on solutions to the problems at hand.

Have you clarified roles and responsibilities?

As your business changes so must your roles and responsibilities. Identifying your unique combination of talents as well as how each of you presents yourself under stress will position you, your partner, and the organization for a stronger future.

How is your company’s growth impacting your partnership?

The dynamics experienced during periods of intense company growth can prove challenging to a partner relationship. An outside perspective that unites you with your high-level stakeholders will prepare you and your partner to maximize your company’s growth potential.

“Cathy has been an outstanding outside resource and has assisted us in thinking through challenges in a pragmatic and ordered fashion, by drawing on her years of experience. Ultimately, she’s assisted us in achieving results and driving to solutions that have put us in a far better place. ”


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