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COO Forum

The COO Forum is a national association providing professional development for Second-in-Command Executives through peer-to-peer collaboration, education, forums, and networking. The Forum was established in 2004 expressly to provide a safe place for Second-in-Command Executives to gather and collaborate. COO Forum meetings are informal with 12-16 around the table. Guest thought leaders present topics of interest to the group promoting an active dialog on their topic of expertise. View a list of topics from thought leaders or learn more about the COO Forum.

Cathy Lieberman’s Role
As the Chicago Chapter Director of the COO Forum, Cathy Lieberman is recognized as an established business leader in the Chicagoland area. In this role, she organizes and facilitates monthly meetings and special events for Chicago-area leaders including members, thought leaders and guests.

“Cathy ensures relevant and thought-provoking program content, seeks high qualified members and provides expert discussion facilitation. I gained much needed perspective on issues through the eyes of my peers in different industries and in different types and sizes of organizations.”


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