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As your business grows, you face a number of questions about how to build an organizational culture that thrives on challenges and adapts quickly to market changes. CDL Business Consulting’s process begins with the clarification of your mission, vision, goals, and objectives. You will learn how to effectively communicate and increase employee engagement. Through proper planning, consistent implementation, and an outside perspective, you will have tools to address each of your business challenges and create a healthy working environment.

What Are You Looking For?

Is your company at a crossroads?

When you find yourself confronted with difficult choices, it is beneficial to seek advice from others who have gone through similar situations. CDL Business Consulting offers experienced guidance that will enable you to make decisions that are appropriate during the growth stages of your company as well as during challenging economic times.

How do you maximize your workforce?

With a detailed assessment of your team complemented by a thorough feedback process, you can identify your high potential performers and develop a team of leaders who complement your skills and help to build a cooperative, unified culture.

Should you hire a consultant?

With a thorough assessment of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats — in addition to an independent experienced perspective on structure, operations and functionality — you will be better prepared to face your strategic challenges and define the direction to take your business.

Transition Points

Change Management
Today’s businesses face complex issues adapting to globalization, mobility, and technology. To address critical adjustments in strategy, your team members will turn to management for guidance as more is expected from them. CDL Business Consulting offers solutions to address culture, communications, and performance issues. With team building forums and tools for conflict resolution, you will break through roadblocks and enhance productivity and effectiveness leading to a tangible return on investment.

Organizational Development
With your business goals established, the right organizational development plan can clarify the steps required to meet them. Your company will experience a structured process including resources for talent development, customer relationship management, financial management, budget development, and project management. With the proper tools and guidance, your leadership team will set the tone for a high performing team culture.

Strategic Planning & Execution
As our engagement begins, we will work together to identify and test the key assumptions of your strategic plan and discuss potential pitfalls to sustainability and growth. From there, vision development, goal setting, and capacity planning will follow to ensure that the resources are in place to successfully execute your plan. This will lead to clarity of roles and responsibilities as your employees align under your guided direction. Adapting to the changing business climate through this approach will ensure that your organization maximizes its success.

Nonprofit organizations face challenges in assembling an effective Board of Directors who can ensure stability and drive growth. Working together with your management team and your board, we will develop a plan that includes fundraising strategies and opportunities for sponsorship and/or partnership. Assessing the strengths and skill gaps of your board members along with identifying restructuring and board development opportunities will ensure proper leadership and governance to drive the organization’s strategic plan and future growth.

“Cathy is a phenomenal leader and a strong steward in the senior level business world. Her attention, discipline and care of a wide range of demands is most impressive. She is a very complete and capable mentor and consultant for company leaders across a spectrum of different industries. Her dedication, focus, and follow through are top tier.”


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