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Leadership Development


Whether you feel like you have been typecast in your role or you have been thrown head-first into a completely new position, developing your leadership skills will allow you to build the knowledge and confidence necessary to navigate through your challenges. Through one-on-one conversations, personal assessments, and development programs, you will discover your professional potential.


Are you looking for career clarity?

Most of us simply do not take the time to step back from our work and our daily lives to examine our career. You will learn to reflect on what has worked for you in the past and rediscover what you truly want for your career.

Have you started in a new position?

When you find yourself taking on a new role, the biggest challenge is to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the veritable mountain of new tasks, responsibilities, and stakeholders.

Are you stuck in your current role?

There are countless barriers that stand in the way of a successful career. Through a thorough assessment process and coaching, you will gain insight by viewing your current role and career from a different perspective — enabling you to create your path forward.

The Solution

New Leadership Role
Assuming a new role within an organization can often lead to challenges as you adjust to new dynamics both within your new team and senior management. You will learn to take control of the transition process and establish strategies to manage your changing workload and the new expectations that go along with it. Learning how to maximize team development will be a critical step toward setting your goals and moving operational pieces forward. These steps will drive employee engagement and foster the culture you want to establish.

Newly-promoted Managers
In order to thrive within a new position, it is important to gain clarity about how you fit within the organization and the direction that is expected of you. Formulating a vision statement to serve as the guiding principle for both you and your team will position everyone on the same page as you develop and implement metrics for what it will take to be successful. From there, you will be tasked with the challenge of staying true to your shared vision and fostering an environment that will enable the achievement of your goals.

Performance Management
To create a nurturing working environment, identify the communication barriers that exist between you, your team, and the rest of the organization. Listen intently to feedback from all sides to develop a strategy and assign tangible goals that will open lines of communication and drive motivation. As a result, you will increase your confidence in dealing with challenges and strengthen your skills in presenting solutions. This open dialog will create an environment that encourages growth and development at all levels of the organization.

“Cathy’s mentorship and guidance over the last two years have made it possible for me to step into new spaces and trust myself to stretch.”


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