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The approach to each engagement begins with actively listening to your current situation and your challenges. The next step is to build a plan for the path ahead leveraging industry and functional experience to maximize your potential in both your career and your business.

Coaching Approach

CDL Business Consulting’s coaching philosophy centers around developing a path for mid-career professionals to discover their potential. In the beginning, we work together to create a safe environment for you to discuss your most pressing challenges and concerns. From there, we identify your core strengths and determine the best way to leverage them by providing you with the confidence you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your career.

A structured assessment process provides a guide to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of behavior. Through powerful questioning and analysis, key areas of your development are identified. Together, we unlock your personal leadership style and build an actionable plan to maximize your abilities. Your progress will be monitored and measured along the way, and you will have access to a full suite of resources throughout the engagement to help you overcome any barriers to your success.

Keys to Engagement


Transitioning from what we know to discovering what we don’t know.


Focus on Identifying and building on your strengths and what is already working.


Creating an open and honest confidential relationship that encourages vulnerability to establish a bond and explore what’s possible.


Leveraging what’s available, feasible and practical through purposeful design.


Developing strategies that encourage positive and meaningful action and accountability.

Coaching for Transitions
The urgency to begin a job search can sometimes begin an unwanted transition period in your career. With the help of an experienced career coach and executive recruiter, you will receive the guidance you need to navigate to your next step. Together, we will identify what you are seeking and what makes you unique for your potential new role. Your experience, skills, and qualifications will be translated into your résumé and LinkedIn profile to begin building your professional brand. Through the development of an elevator pitch and networking strategy along with interview preparation, you will create your story to help you land in a role that is a professional and cultural match for your career goals.

Consulting Approach

Our consulting approach begins with a structured assessment of the organization and a plan for how to best maximize our partnership. Along with the executive team and key leaders, we will work to clarify the organizational vision, goals, and strategies. The next step is to align all stakeholders in the process in order to infuse a dynamic energy that becomes the foundation for a culture suited to adapt to the challenges of today’s business.

Objectives and Outcomes
An effective planning process outlines the strategies and goals for the company. This process uncovers innovative solutions to challenges and focuses team members on the most important priorities. The implementation of effective change strategies with a focus on culture, employee engagement and an efficient governance process including oversight and accountability results in an increased return on investment.


and Planning


Conduct discovery interviews, obtain background, and confirm deliverables for the project ahead.

Assessment, and Documentation


Examine past successes as well as the organization’s vision for the future. Conduct assessments and analyze results to determine the organization’s readiness for change.

Deliver and discuss
initial report
and findings


Review project status (process, actions, and timeline) and discuss key issues. Examine preliminary findings and refine focus areas.

Action Plan


Prepare report with action plan recommendations along with the measurable steps necessary to follow through with execution.

Consulting for Nonprofits
After assessing the financial health of the organization and considering fundraising capacity constraints, revenue building opportunities are discussed and evaluated. Together with the management team and board members, goals, strategies and supporting activities are defined along with assignment of task ownership. Staff capabilities and capacity are assessed and key programmatic goals are prioritized to create a strategic plan that will ensure accountability and successful execution.

“Cathy helped to organize my thoughts as well as those of my Board and develop a 2-year action plan which has been in operation for the past 8 months. Her plan has provided us with several successful accomplishments.”


  Paul was a special colleague and client who encouraged and inspired me to “reach further”. He will be missed.

  (October, 2018)

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