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Business Start-up


Building a business begins with your passion. Your energy fuels the extraordinary strategy work established in your business plan. An examination of your products, your services, your market, your financials, and your persistence all play an important role in how your business grows. A cross-disciplinary skill set will serve as a valuable tool and encourage you to believe in yourself and trust your entrepreneurial instincts.


Do you need a business development outreach strategy?

If you are looking to create value for your organization through market expansion, client acquisition or general brand awareness, you should ensure that you have the right strategy in place.

Do you have an action plan for prospecting?

It is easy to get swept up into the frenetic world of sales and marketing. However, developing an in-depth action plan before diving into sales calls will yield measurable feedback and remarkable benefits.

How do you set your pricing strategy?

Establishing your pricing strategy can be a challenging proposition. Aligning your pricing goals by identifying your target audience and conducting a market analysis will position you to beat your competition.

“Cathy is detailed oriented, conscientious and very thorough. Her consulting and coaching helped our business reach new levels of organization quickly, and she provided cost effective solutions to streamline productivity.”


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